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Can you use Windex on your eyeglasses?

Windex seems to be the obvious or goto choice for getting the grime

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off of your eyeglasses, BUT don’t.  Windex, or any type of cleaner with ammonia or Clorox wipes will ruin the coating on your glasses.  Also, do not use paper towels, napkins or your clothing either, these things will put scratches in the lenses.

Use the cloth that usually comes with your glasses, or if you don’t have this, you can rinse them under water, and if really dirty apply the tiniest amount of dish soap and wash, rinse well and wipe dry with a lint free soft cloth.

Over time, cleaning with chemical cleaners and rubbing them with harsher things will absolutely shorten the life of your lenses.  Most people get the anti-glare coatings and this is the coating that will be ruined over time.  We all know the most expensive part of your glasses are the lenses, so be sure to take extra care of this precious glass.