Scams and Ripoffs

It is too easy to be fooled by fake ‘designer’ eyeglasses and sunglasses. Opticsfast reviews the most common ripoffs and scams so you never get taken advantage of.

Quick Ways To Spot Fake Sunglasses

  1. Model Number: verify the model number of the glasses from the manufacturer website. These will be consistent worldwide – no exceptions.
  2. Logo & Labels: real glasses will display the authentic logo inside the ear piece, on the lens or arms. Look for obvious clues like misspellings. Visit the manufacturer website and look at the correct markings before you buy.
  3. Watch the language: expecially with online stores you can see subtle language used to distract you from the authenticity of the product. If the glasses are “inspired by”, “cosmetic” or “replica” that all means they are fakes.
  4. Buy from OpticsFast: Only OpticsFast combines a US-based store, true discount pricing and guarantees. Our trained technicians do our repair work on site and all new sales always come with the authenticity certificate and manufacturer case. Visit us online or call today. Our Opticsfast Ripoff Protection guarantees authenticity.