What to look for in buying sunglasses


What to look for in buying sunglasses


Sunglasses are sold everywhere it seems.  From the local drugstore to the grocery store to the high end store in the high end mall.  Sunglasses are not in fact created equal. First and foremost is that it should say somewhere on the pair that is is 100%UVA/UVB or UV400.   This is usually not found on the cheaper pairs of sunglasses.  The cheaper pairs usually have 100%UV , however these do in fact have some protection so buy them if this is your only option.

Also, we know that sometimes this isn’t so glamorous or cool dude looking but the bigger the lense the better.  A bigger lense will offer more protection not just your eyes but the eyelid, eyebrow and the undereye skin.  Lots of people don’t think of this but you can in fact get skin cancer within the eyebrow!

There really are just those two things that should be the first main focus before purchasing your new shades.



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