Can you use Windex on your eyeglasses?


Can you use Windex on your eyeglasses?

Windex seems to be the obvious or goto choice for getting the grime

OpticsFast Reviews Industry Players

OpticsFast Reviews Major brands so you dont get cheated or ripped off

off of your eyeglasses, BUT don’t.  Windex, or any type of cleaner with ammonia or Clorox wipes will ruin the coating on your glasses.  Also, do not use paper towels, napkins or your clothing either, these things will put scratches in the lenses.

Use the cloth that usually comes with your glasses, or if you don’t have this, you can rinse them under water, and if really dirty apply the tiniest amount of dish soap and wash, rinse well and wipe dry with a lint free soft cloth.

Over time, cleaning with chemical cleaners and rubbing them with harsher things will absolutely shorten the life of your lenses.  Most people get the anti-glare coatings and this is the coating that will be ruined over time.  We all know the most expensive part of your glasses are the lenses, so be sure to take extra care of this precious glass.


Browbar Sunglasses is the new trend

Browbar sunglasses means that the part of the frame that runs along the top of the lenses or across your brow area.  This is the new trend right now in sunglasses.  Now that you know, you will start noticing them everywhere.  To some it looks like an emoji frown face.  They are either thick or thin, either run edge to edge or somewhere in between.  Here are some images of what is trending…


What to look for in buying sunglasses


Sunglasses are sold everywhere it seems.  From the local drugstore to the grocery store to the high end store in the high end mall.  Sunglasses are not in fact created equal. First and foremost is that it should say somewhere on the pair that is is 100%UVA/UVB or UV400.   This is usually not found on the cheaper pairs of sunglasses.  The cheaper pairs usually have 100%UV , however these do in fact have some protection so buy them if this is your only option.

Also, we know that sometimes this isn’t so glamorous or cool dude looking but the bigger the lense the better.  A bigger lense will offer more protection not just your eyes but the eyelid, eyebrow and the undereye skin.  Lots of people don’t think of this but you can in fact get skin cancer within the eyebrow!

There really are just those two things that should be the first main focus before purchasing your new shades.




OpticsFast News Coverage

OpticsFast taking on the Luxottica monopoly has hit the news. USA Herald did this story about what we are doing to expose the $10B company working to keep glasses expensive. We are excited to be getting the word out. Most of the top designer brands and many of the local sunglass stores are owned by or in direct relationships with Luxottica. It is the appearance of competition but its a monopoly through and through. And who gets ripped off in the end? The consumer.


OpticsFast Reviews $10B Global Eyewear Monopoly

OpticsFast Reviews Luxxotica $10B Sunglass and Eyeglass Monopoly

You are being cheated, overpriced and scammed and OpticsFast is whistleblowing the eyewear industry’s biggest secret. It is a monopoly. Buying a new pair of glasses or sunglasses can be an expensive proposition – it can easily cost you several hundred dollars for a good pair. It may surprise you to know that there’s one company that controls most of the world’s eyewear and that company is Luxottica. Any first year business student will tell you that monopolies aren’t good for the consumer and that definitely applies when it comes to eyewear.

The typical pair of frames costs less than $50 to make. You don’t have to be a math major to notice that Luxottica must be making an obscene amount of profits on each pair of glasses. Sure your local eyewear company is taking their cut as well, but not before this Italian eyewear giant adds a significant markup.

The problem is no company has been able to break the monopoly even if they were inclined to. This has created a situation in which consumers are being raked over the coals and unable to do anything about it – at least until recently. One company is trying to alter the rules of the marketplace in favor of the consumer. OpticsFast reviews all new eyewear products before introducing them to their product line to ensure you’re getting the best quality product on new eyewear and they’re not afraid to offer the consumer real alternatives to the Luxottica monopoly.

Price Gouging at it’s Worse

We’ve already reviewed Luxottica and the massive profits on glasses they sell, but the question is just how much are they making? Well it’s not too hard to make an educated guess. A typical pair of prescription glasses these days will cost you somewhere between $300 and $500. It’s about the same for a decent pair of sunglasses. For a piece of plastic with a couple of glass lenses that cost no more than $25 to $50 to make that translates into a whole lot of cash for Luxottica. The problem is there aren’t very many alternatives and that’s one of the things that OpticsFast is trying to change.


Luxxotic Owns Or Controls Many Brands

Luxotica Owns Or Controls Most Brands You Assume Are Independent Companies

Control of Major Brands

If you think this all sounds a bit exaggerated think again. This one company really does have control of the lion’s share of the world’s major sunglass company’s and designer frame contracts. In fact the list of companies they own or have exclusive contracts for reads like a who’s who of the glasses industry. Their own house brands include Persol, Ray-Ban, and Oakley to name a few and it doesn’t stop there. They also have exclusive contracts to manufacture frames for the likes of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana.  This is far from a complete list. In an industry where so many different players appear to be all playing for the same team OpticsFast is trying to realign the playing field.


One Retailer is Like Another

The great thing about a competitive marketplace is that you can shop around. You can usually find the same product from different retailers and you can often get considerable discounts anyway as they try to outdo one another to obtain your business. In the prescription frame and sunglass business the waters are a little murkier. It turns out it isn’t just in the manufacturing sector that Luxottica has a considerable competitive advantage. They also own many of the best known retail outlets as well. Are you trying to decide between Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, or Target Optical for your next pair of frames? Don’t waste your time – they’re all owned by Luxottica. OpticsFast is a real independently owned alternative that offers much more competitive rates.

OpticsFast Reviews Luxotica Business Practices and Brands

OpticsFast Reviews Luxotica Business Practices and Brands

A Foothold in Insurance

There really isn’t any aspect of the eyeglass industry that isn’t touched by Luxottica in some way. In the United States there are plenty of options when it comes to vision care insurance, but one of the largest players is EyeMed Vision Care. At this point it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to find out that Luxottica also owns them. This is the second largest vision care insurance company in all of the US. In a country that has many laws discouraging monopolies it’s a bit discouraging to know that one company has so much influence.

Global Market Reach

It isn’t just in the US that Luxottica plays a major role though – they are actually an Italian based company and their tentacles stretch to all corners of the globe. Their annual sales are well over ½ a billion dollars and have been for more than a decade. While exact numbers aren’t clear some have argued they have about 80% of the market cornered. Even if we were to be a little more conservative and suggest it was something close to half that, that’s still a great deal of financial muscle to wield within one industry.

Lone Wolf Spirit

It isn’t all doom and gloom. OpticsFast is committed to breaking the monopoly and to that end they offer a wholly in house solution that allows them to compete and pass savings along to the consumer. They have their own labs that do all of the work on your frames and they never look outside for help. Almost every major brand you can think of is available and at highly competitive rates. Unlike other retailers they also have a second lab which offers repair services as well with a 90% success rate. In addition, they also offer a price match service – all you have to do is provide the quote from a competitor and they will match it. OpticsFast is a real alternative to the Luxottica monopoly and that’s of real benefit to all consumers.





OpticsFast Reviews Top Brands For Consumer Choice

OpticsFast Reviews Eyewear Brands And Gives Consumers a Real Choice

The eyewear industry looked considerably different before OpticsFast transformed the marketplace back in 2007. At that time the idea of repairing sunglasses and prescription eyewear was virtually unheard of. Since then they’ve created a new paradigm that has challenged other retailers to do better for their customers. Their stated mission is to “do everything possible to repair your broken glasses to save you from having to buy a brand new frame,” and that’s a concept that’s refreshing to hear in an industry that always claimed it wasn’t possible.
OpticsFast’s commitment to repairing any eyewear that can be repaired is part of their overall focus on a real choice for the consumer. The company has a 90% success ratio when it comes to repairing frames and lenses and that far exceeds the industry average. With two dedicated lab technicians and more than seventeen years of combined experience in the optometry industry they’re serious about their obligation to their customers.

OpticsFast Reviews Major Brands and Repairs Any Eyewear

OpticsFast Reviews Major Brands and Repairs Any Eyewear At A Fraction of Replacement Value

They have a policy of performing all work in-house to consistently avoid the potential for loss or damage that is common amongst other online retailers. This model was developed after extensive consultations with their existing customers and they continue to actively seek out the opinions of new customers. They also offer one of the best warranties in the business and a price match guarantee that has positioned them as one of the best online eyewear retailers world-wide.
OpticsFast is based in Brooklyn, New York, but they have a global reach with a presence in both the United Kingdom and Australia. The company began as a traditional eyeglass and sunglass retailer before branching out in 2007 to include a full online repair service. With a commitment to providing their customers with a choice of both repair services as well as new eyewear purchases they have successfully positioned themselves as an industry leader.


OpticsFast Reviews The Top Sunglass Designers

OpticsFast Reviews the tops sunglass and eyeglass designers to give you the most reliable information so you can make a reliable purchase